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New Address and Contact Info!

In 1987, Jadaco's founder, Josef Arfin created a company to service a virtually new market and has since developed Jadaco into a team of over 150 full and part-time staff, supervisors and speciality instructors.


Currently Jadaco provides its services to more than 100 facilities across the GTA. Throughout the years, our staff has been cultivated in our ranks to bring together a professional management team. Our team's mandate is to continually improve our training techniques in order to enhance and grow the skills of the onsite staff. As with any growing business, Jadaco has a commitment to continually improve products and services, as new technology becomes available. Our present newly renovated office is located centrally in the GTA and houses our management team, fleet and equipment. Our cutting edge marketing techniques help keep your facility vibrant and attractive for use.

We draft professional marketing tools for all our sites, full web access to keep abreast of events and utilize further communication systems to allow you to keep us in close contact. The management team is always striving to create innovative ways of keeping our staff on the leading edge of Recreation, Fitness and Leisure services. Now over 30 years, Jadaco is positioned to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

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