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Lifeguard Services

Making your indoor or outdoor pool a healthy, safe and fun environment with Jadaco's professional Lifeguard Services.


     * Year round custom schedules for your indoor pool which include pool maintenance

         and comprehensive Chemical programs

       * Fully trained and accredited Lifeguards

       * Complete record and log keeping for your pool chemistry

       * Rule and Regulation enforcement for security and safety

The Jadaco Team will help you enjoy your summer!

        * Full pool openings including cleaning, Health Regulation

           requirements, Repairs and Pool start-ups

        * Full Time  / Part Time guards monitoring your outdoor pool for the
           season managed by a professional Lifeguard Supervisor.

        * In season emergency service repairs

        * Full pool winterization and Secure Cover installations

Maximize the use of your Pool Facilities with Lifeguards from Jadaco Recreation!

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